WarriorPlus Review – Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in getting started with affiliate marketing? Do you want to know if WarriorPlus is a good place to get started? Learn more in our WarriorPlus review.

With its rising popularity and increasing user count, WarriorPlus is a topic we must discuss.

So far, we know that WarriorPlus operates as an affiliate network that serves both publishers & advertisers.

So why is the WarriorPlus marketplace given negative reviews from all over the net?

What’s all the controversy about?

Let’s have a look.

What is WarriorPlus?

Like JVZoo like JVZoo and Clickbank, WarriorPlus is an affiliate network. Affiliate networks help advertisers and publishers collaborate.

This is being done through the use of tracking software as well as by supporting improved collaboration.

WarriorPlus is a marketing platform for marketers on the web. You will find all available information and resources to assist you in improving your business here.

WarriorPlus is an internet-based community that is helpful for affiliate marketers. It connects digital product creators with affiliate marketers who want to market and sell products for a commission.

WarriorPlus Overview

From the looks of things, WarriorPlus looks promising. The company claims to have the following features available on its platform:

  • Products of top quality to promote
  • A fantastic sale-related analytics tool
  • Countless vendors

But when you go search deeper, you will come across a large number of product creators who appear fraudulent or false right from the beginning. The whole system appears to be fraudulent.

When we first registered, we received precisely 1532 notifications.

There is also no record of past sales or products of the seller. The image and information of the seller could have been included but are not. There’s not enough data on the credibility of records of these publishers and advertisers.

The site doesn’t have a review button. This can be one major reason buyers get scammed and other spammy products.

Another issue that publishers face is whether the product they plan to promote would be of interest to their customers or not.

Also, there is no cost-per-lead information in WarriorPlus. This makes it difficult for publishers to select the top affiliate networks to sign up with.

Is WarriorPlus Legit?

Even with the most negative reviews and single-star reviews you will read on the web, WarriorPlus is legit!

WarriorPlus has been in existence for quite a while and, If it were a scam, the site would have been taken down years ago.

A typical trustworthy feature that I’ve found is a 30-day money-back guarantee on most of the products you buy on the website.

Keep in mind that the request for a refund you make isn’t submitted to WarriorPlus. It is instead sent to the vendor, and it’s they handle the refunds.

If it’s not possible to connect with your vendor, you may also reach out to the WarriorPlus support team, who may solve all these problems for you.

As I mentioned, WarriorPlus might claim to be an authentic affiliate network. But the sheer number of fake profiles, fake products, and other fraudulent deals can’t help but ruin its credibility.

WarriorPlus and Affiliate Marketing

Before we discuss the legitimacy of WarriorPlus, we should try to see the situation.

Affiliate Marketing is an established method to generate income for content creators and bloggers on the web. To easily understand affiliate marketing, here’s an example:

Let’s say that a man called Jack is a vlogger. He has an impressive amount of organic daily traffic on his vlog.

To begin another revenue stream, he decides to market more items on his vlog.

Insufficient resources cause Jack to market a product to earn a percentage of money for each sale.

Advertisers, on the other hand, have their products sold through a variety of methods.

This type of product promotion is known as affiliate marketing.

Like any other way of earning money online, it is a very simple method by which both the publisher and the advertiser benefit.

By tracking hyperlinks or affiliate links, the affiliates may be credited for sale.

What, then, is the reason for the negative reviews?

WarriorPlus – Pros and Cons

WarriorPlus is a great platform in reality! There are several good products you can promote and make money off of.

Suppose you can promote an item and have the appropriate audience in mind. In that case, you could make a decent amount of money through WarriorPlus in a couple of days.

You may want to carefully choose the right product since fake goods are nothing more than a gimmick to make money.

Promoting these products on the network of your choice is bad. It damages your reputation as a brand, reduces your reach, and blacklists you on search engine results.

Here’s what Google is saying about the use of many affiliate links on your website.

To ensure that your site is SEO-friendly, on-page SEO could be of help. But you might want to limit affiliate promotions and consider whether they’re legitimate or a scam.

In that regard, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of WarriorPlus.

There are many excellent products available for sale (You need to look for them).But, unfortunately, there are more scams here than authentic products.
Instant payouts are more convenient (minimum $10 payment threshold).But, unfortunately, there’s nothing to stop counterfeit products from appearing on the website.
It’s easy to start with WarriorPlus in both the capacity of an advertiser or publisher.However, certain affiliate programs need previous sales of affiliates to be accepted.
WarriorPlus provides support for extended periods (usually) for refunds.But, unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated support system for advertising.

There are many issues people face with refunds or issues with vendors. So, the easiest way to protect yourself from a scam on this site is to contact us directly. 

You can also watch our reviews on our YouTube channel. We provide honest reviews with suitable custom bonuses that are sure to help ????

How can you earn money using WarriorPlus?

It is possible to begin making money with WarriorPlus very easily. 

Let me explain to you.

Earning money from WarriorPlus can be achieved by these four steps:

1- Selecting a category

There are various kinds of products available on the WarriorPlus marketplace, which you can select from.

The most well-known categories listed here are:

  • Marketing education
  • Entertainment
  • Industries
  • Software
  • Online platforms
  • Domains and websites

There are also kinds of categories within them so that you can select your interest.

2- Making a Site

A website functions as an online store that allows you to put the affiliate products on display and let your customers browse the product. You can also review these products here. So it’s more of an intermediary between a consumer and a buyer.

It is entirely possible to promote your products via various methods, but it’s not usually thought to be appropriate.

It could also be via various mediums, like blogs. But, most publishers prefer websites because they are simple and offer mutual benefits for the advertisers and the publisher.

If owning a website is too costly or challenging for you, you could always start with YouTube.

3- Getting visitors

The majority of affiliate networks don’t take into consideration where your traffic comes coming from.

They only want one thing – sales!

That means even when your traffic isn’t organic, or you’re making use of social media to attract more traffic or using any other strategy, you will earn. It could be natural also, and it doesn’t matter!

But, I suggest that you only get started with affiliate marketing after you have a decent number of visitors. 

If you’re having trouble getting more traffic to your site, then spending too much on ads for sales might not be the right choice for you yet.

4- Earning

There are two methods to get paid through Warrior Plus – PayPal and Stripe.

Once you fill in the required info before getting paid, you can withdraw your money from your WarriorPlus balance. You will generally receive your money very soon.

Suppose WarriorPlus cannot pay the money to the account. In that case, it remains in your WarriorPlus balance that you can withdraw at any time.

Easy, isn’t it?


WarriorPlus isn’t a fraud in any way. Instead, it’s an online platform that isn’t sure about the best way to keep fraudsters at a distance and to promote legitimate products.

There’s been plenty of reviews, thoughts, and comments that are both in favor of WarriorPlus and against it. Unfortunately, this ultimately creates a questionable image.

Some poor products could be intimidating. But, if you’re looking for an established website that doesn’t allow deals that rip off your customers, I would suggest the affiliate deals offered by WarriorPlus.

It doesn’t mean I do not recommend using WarriorPlus.

The idea is to sort through the hundreds of bad offers to discover an acceptable one. Then, if you believe you’re capable of doing that, why not test it out!

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