How long does your refund take?

Here are some of the most burning questions people have about refunds. I hope this helps 🙂

Nintendo refund

There is a 30-day period following the delivery date to return products that have not been opened directly from Nintendo, such as those mentioned above, and any other physical products purchased through and receive a complete refund.

Nintendo does not offer a refund for shipping costs except if the return results from Nintendo giving a different item from the one you ordered.

Nintendo does not accept returns on any of the items listed below:

  • Anything that is shipped to Nintendo within 30 days of the date of delivery.
  • Anything that has been opened or unsealed.
  • Anything that isn’t as new has been damaged, has evidence of use, or is missing components.
  • All items that weren’t directly purchased from Nintendo.
  • All digital items include code downloads (and physical items that include digital codes, like Nintendo eShop cards).

Ubisoft refund

You may request a refund for your digital purchase after 14 days from purchase, provided that the product hasn’t been published.

Return requests for digital items can be made by clicking the “Ask for a refund” Ask for a Refund link on the right side of the item from the Order History page of the Ubisoft Store.

Consumables purchases, download games, content keys for digital consoles or purchases made through the in-game store are non-refundable. They cannot be suitable to be refunded. Some guides can be used to request refunds on physical purchases as well as pre-orders.

Be aware that refunds might not be offered for games that you’ve been banned or if you’ve violated any Ubisoft terms (for instance, our Terms of Use or Terms of Sale and any other Codes of Conduct).

Furthermore, you may not be eligible for refunds if you are violating their policy on refunds. The purpose of refunds is not to be used to facilitate the abuse of their system or community.

Oculus refund

They’ll refund your Oculus products within thirty days of when your order was delivered.
You’ll be able to receive a credit back to the payment method you used when your Oculus device is returned and checked.

Shipping charges aren’t refundable. If you purchased your Oculus device at a retail shop, then you’ll have to go to the place you bought it from to request a refund.

App to determine eligibility for refunds and make a request

To purchase Oculus Quest 2 or Quest contents, users could be eligible for a refund if they’ve used the content for less than two hours, and you’ve asked for the Refund within 14 days after the purchase.

To make a request, use Oculus, the Oculus companion app for your smartphone:

  • Open your Oculus companion app on your phone.
  • Tap your profile picture to your phone’s upper-left corner of your phone.
  • tap Purchase History.
  • Tap on the content you wish to request a reimbursement for, and click Request Refund.

To request a return refund:

  • Visit and sign in to your account.
  • Click your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner, then click Orders.
  • Click on the Devices tab, and then select the device you wish to delete.
  • Click Return this item. Then, select the reason to return your item.
  • Click Submit Return Request.

PayPal refund

Suppose you wish to get a reimbursement of your completed transaction by sending an email. The seller should visit the Transaction Details page to view your transaction and select to issue a refund. You may ask for a refund within 180 days after having paid for your purchase.

If you have made a payment, but it’s still processing, you can change it in your account by clicking the “Cancel” “Cancel” button next to it. If the money isn’t utilized by 30 days and the transaction is not claimed, you will return it. Here’s how to locate the contact details of the seller to request the Refund:

On the summary page, select the type of transaction you’d like to end.

Make use of the contact details to send an email to the seller.

Suppose the seller isn’t willing to return your money. In that case, it is feasible to file a complaint with the Resolution Center if you didn’t get your purchase, received something that didn’t meet the seller’s description, or the payment wasn’t legally authorized.

If you paid via a credit or debit card, the Refund is transferred to the card you used. It can require up to 30 working days to allow the credit card to be processed. If you made a payment through an account with a bank, the transaction is canceled and refunded to your bank account.

Netflix refund

While Netflix stipulates that they don’t provide refunds in their Terms and Conditions, there are certainly exceptions. Because Netflix offers subscriptions for a monthly period that can be canceled, it does not qualify you to receive a refund, except if: Netflix took payment when you canceled the subscription.

You were charged during your trial.

Netflix is a firm return policy. It’s only possible to obtain a refund from them in the event of a mishap on their part. If you’re sure that you have canceled your Netflix subscription, but Netflix continues to charge the same amount for its services, you may claim your Refund.

You’ll get a refund from Netflix provided you show proof that you’ve followed the process of canceling the Netflix subscription.

If you think you were tripping, There’s no reason to believe you can blame yourself. You can ask for a refund by contacting Netflix Customer Service at 888-638-3555 or visiting the customer service section via the Netflix website.

When contacting Netflix support for customer service, be aware that you should anticipate waiting between 10 and 12 minutes before connecting with Netflix customer service support. You can utilize DoNotPay to hold the queue and call you whenever a representative from customer service is available.

Afterpay Refund

In general, refunds are applied to start with the last payment and moving forward to prior installments.

Full Refunds

If you’ve returned the order in the entire amount of the order has been Refund, any future transactions will be canceled, and any payments you’ve previously made will be reimbursed to the credit card you used to pay.

Disney plus Refund

There is a Disney+ refund policy is differs for each country. For precise information, look up the Disney+ subscriber agreement for the region you live in.

In the US, you can ask for a refund on a Disney+ subscription or a Premier Access purchase within three days after purchase, provided that you haven’t watched anything. In the UK, you can request an exchange on a Disney+ subscription within 14 days of purchase, provided that you don’t have any content. Premier Access is unlike, and according to the person we spoke to, it is evaluated based on case-by-case.

However, the Refund will likely be granted if you haven’t watched the purchase yet and respect the 14 days. The service in no the country’s Disney+ will offer refunds for billing periods that are not fully used or for an un-used service that was bought in an offer.

You can’t ask for a Disney+ refund through your account. Instead, you must contact the customer service.

Nord VPN refund

They offer a 30-day money-back policy that guarantees your first payment. The Refund would be valid only if the payment were completed no more than thirty days before when you claim.

We cannot offer refunds for subscriptions with recurring payments when you decide to cancel the Services after renewal unless the law permits otherwise.”

Remember, we do not offer refunds on purchases made via App Stores like Apple’s App Store. You can, however, contact support at the App Store support team to request the possibility of a refund.

Air India refund

Tickets can be submitted for a refund that has been either not fully utilized or completely not used within one year after the expiration date of the ticket’s validity period. Beginning on October 1, 2018, tickets issued can be used for Refund for up to fifteen months after the issue date or 3 (Three) months from the date the ticket expires.

However, refunds will be made according to the limitations on the fare on the tickets. If the payment was done with cash, a cheque containing the Refund amount is sent to the address indicated by the person making the payment.

If the payment was done using a credit or debit card, then the money is transferred to the bank account on the credit card.

The Refund will not be transferred to a different card account. Transfers to any other account, if needed, would require a request from you to the card-issuing bank.

Suppose the transaction is done through direct debit-bank transfers. In that case, the amount will be credited to the bank account from which it was debited.

In normal situations, refunds are processed nearly immediately. However, for the bank transfer of a credit card, the process takes a minimum of 20 days.

Amazon refund

After we have received your return, or the seller has notified us of the receipt of your return depending on the situation be, a reimbursement is given to the payment method you used for the initial transaction (in cases for pre-paid purchases) and to your account at a bank or as an amazon pay balance (in the case of Pay on delivery orders).

  • Available refund method Refund Time-frame:
  • FBA order (After the return is accepted through Amazon) Fulfilled by the seller (After seller informs Amazon of the return’s receipt)
  • Prepaid Orders
  • Amazon Pay Balance: 2 Hours Credit Card/ Debit Card – 2-4 Business Days 3-5 Business Days Net Banking Account – (Credited to Bank Account) UPI Linked Bank Account – 2-4 business days NEFT to Bank Account – 3-5 Business Days Amazon Pay Balance 2 Hours
  • Paper Cheque 8-10 business days

Spotify refund

They won’t be able to make a refund:

Gift cards purchased from the retailer. It is best to return the gift cards to the retailer.
Premium payments are made via the assistance of a partner, such as iTunes. Contact them to make refund requests (see the contact details on your account page under the plan you have selected).

If you decide not to use Premium for any reason, you can end your subscription at any time and keep the amount you’ve paid. You’ll be Premium until the new payment comes due. Then the account is switched to a free account.

Depop Refund

All SALES are final except for inaccurate sales. The buyer believes that the product wasn’t accurately described and did not match expectations. In the interest of providing exceptional service and precise products, this shouldn’t happen!

Changes in mind that don’t fit or desire to get the money back, but not necessarily needing it, etc., are not covered by the policy. If your purchase was not intended, You must inform immediately after making the purchase.

In the end, I’ll attempt to request a refund, or at the very least, offer an offer for your next purchase when warranted.

Google pay refund

Google might offer refunds on certain Google Play purchases, depending on the policies for refunds. You may also contact developers directly.

If you’ve made a purchase done by a friend of someone in your family using your account, ask for you to refund the purchase through Google Play.

Suppose you spot evidence of a Google Play purchase on your card or another payment method you did not make and wasn’t done by anyone else. In that case, You must report any fraudulent costs within the first 120 days after the purchase.

If you’ve had your refund request granted, you should know the time it will take.

Be aware that you cannot locate your purchase in the list of recent purchases. You can appeal a refund on Google Play. Google Play website.

Follow the steps If:

If it’s been not more than 48 hours ago that you purchased an app or purchased an in-app purchase, you may request a refund on Google Play.

Suppose you purchased music, movies or books as well as other items. In that case, you might be eligible to request the Refund within 48 hours (check the policy below).

It is common to get a response within one business day; however, it could take as long as 4 days for a business decision

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