Benefits Of Using Templates For Email Marketing

Are you interested in knowing about the benefits of using templates for email marketing? If yes, you are in the right place as I’ll tell you all you need to know about the benefits of using templates for email marketing in this article.

What are Email Templates

Email templates are HTML document that consists of reused code modules. It’s simple to copy and paste your template or links and image URLs to build an email.

Let’s break it into pieces.

A template for email is an HTML file. HTML, is also known as a hypertext language, is the code that determines the structure and content of an email.

It lets you include things like images or hyperlinks to emails and, in conjunction with the cascading style sheets (CSS), allows you to change the style of your email to reflect your personal or company style.

The primary characteristic of a template, yet, is its reusability.

Templates differ from single-use emails since they are reusable across different campaigns. They can include email modules or used as part of a mail design process. They’re usually saved with the email provider (ESP) or in a code editor such as Litmus Builder.

They also provide a basis upon which you can add images, copy, and hyperlinks that are specific to your email marketing campaign.

Email templates let you change the text and formatting of emails that are sent out by people who share your content. Templates can be or HTML and text, in which case, the user’s email program will decide what displays.

email template

Email templates of different types

In general, you are able to make four distinct types of templates for email: HTML, text along with Classic Letterhead, custom, and Visualforce. Each of these templates contains text, merge fields, and attachment files.

Users who use text are able to make or change templates for text emails.

HTML Template: It includes Classic Letterhead Administrators and users who have the “Edit HTML Templates” permission are able to create HTML email templates based on the classic letterhead. Letterheads are the basis for the design as well as feel HTML template for email.

The HTML email templates may inherit the color, logo, and text options from the letterhead.

html email template

Custom HTML Administrators: The users who have access to the “Edit HTML Templates” permission can create customized HTML templates for email without the need for Classic Letterhead.

You should be familiar with HTML or get an HTML code to add it into the email templates.

Visualforce Developers: The administrators can create templates with Visualforce. Visualforce templates for email allow advanced merging of recipient’s personal information, as the contents of a template can include information from many records.

How can I make HTML email Templates?

  1. Using email design agencies

As some individuals visit web design firms to build a site, some companies use email design agencies.

This is a good idea for small teams and doesn’t have enough money to hire an email designer who is full-time on your team, but you besides want custom designs.

A few notable email design agencies are:

  • Email Monks
  • Mail Bakery
  • Inbox Army

An email design firm will design and create designs for your templates. Although it’s more costly than the other alternatives on this list, it’s among the most effective ways to make sure that your emails look exactly how you’d like they should.

Utilizing an email design firm is also time-consuming because you’re outsourcing the work. Be sure to include an interval of time on your marketing calendar since it could impact your timetable.

  1. Using drag-and-drop editors for email

It is by far the most simple alternative of all. There are a variety of Drag and Drop editors to aid you in creating and responsive emails.

The only issue is that you’re restricted by the extent to which you’ll be able to change your email. If you’re making regular email templates using basic layouts, the drag-and-drop editor will be an excellent fit.

Two great drag and drop editors for email are:

  • Taxi for Email
  • BEE Free
  • Postcards
  • Topol
  1. Using pre-designed html email templates

Pre-designed email templates are similar to drag and drop editors in that they’re quick; however, your design is limited by the template you select. However, since there are many templates available to pick from on the Internet, Your email will appear as you’d like it to.

If you’re searching for an HTML template for your email, some great options are:

  • Litmus Templates
  • Stripo
  • BEE Free
  • ThemeForest
  1. Creating an initial template

Even though it will require a higher education curve, this choice allows you to control the entire email’s style. If you are familiar with HTML as well as CSS (or are looking to learn), You already have the basic knowledge required to construct HTML templates.

It can be time-consuming to create from scratch; however, you don’t have to design a new template every time if the template is reusable.

A few of the most excellent tutorials available on the Internet to assist you in your journey are:

  • Envato
  • Email Monks

What is its use in Email Marketing Campaigns?

In the case of email marketing, the design of your emails can determine the quality of your relationships with your clients.

Two-thirds of users would prefer to look at something that is beautifully designed rather instead of something simple, and an 80percent of people will unsubscribe from the email right away if it’s not looking good on their mobile devices. That’s why email templates are useful.

A template for email is an HTML file you can create email campaigns. A well-designed template lets you paste content directly into the file and render it beautifully on desktops, mobile, as well as across multiple email providers.

You can reuse the same template over and over repeatedly for different campaigns, using different contents. The advantages of Email Templates include:

  1. Save time.

Sixty-three percent of marketing professionals invest at a minimum of two hours per campaign in designing and content. On more complicated campaigns which require testing and approval from various sources, it could take longer than that.

Email templates let you insert your own content into an existing template, saving the time and effort of creating new templates for each new campaign. This means that you can be more productive in creating content and less time doing the tedious design work.

email template save time
  1. Consistency

The consistency of your branding does more than just provide an improved overall experience for your users and provides them with a reason to remain for longer.

63% of customers have reported having a bad experience with brand-related content, and a majority of them wouldn’t offer that firm another go.

Templates for email provide you with the opportunity to create your brand directly into the template itself. Your colors, logo, and style are all incorporated into the template.

This results in a satisfying constant brand experience that your customers would like to engage with over and over again.

  1. Scaling

One of the most effective methods to increase the size of your email marketing program is to allow more users to design campaigns without the aid of developers on every email. Templates let you do this, however, only if everyone in your team has access to and uses them properly.

It is important to record how you utilize your templates so that non-coders can create emails within a matter of minutes. It is possible to create something as basic as sharing Google Docs with instructions on the use of your template or even go for video tutorials within your company knowledge base as well as kick-off meetings to ensure everyone is up-to-date.

A Better Way to Use Email Templates

Designing emails is the process of strategically creating and designing an email that is resonant with the target audience of your business, especially your current customers and subscribers to your email.

Your email design should be attention-grabbing, aesthetically pleasing, and on-brand, among other things — let’s dive into those things next with these 13 best practices for email design.

The best practices for creating professionally designed Email Templates are:

  1. Craft a subject line that is strong
email template subject line matters

The subject line for your email will be the very first element someone is exposed to when you send an email. The short sentence is intended to draw the attention of your readers.

It’s supposed to grab the attention of your recipients, causing them to read your email and keep reading.

  1. Write an attractive pre-header

The email’s pre-header can be an overview of the content of the email, like the meta description on the web page. It’s the next thing that recipients get to see.

Instead of writing the first sentence in your email, modify the pre-header text to give an insight into what your readers are likely to read through your email.

  1. Keep the Email Copy Short

If you are using professionally designed email templates, make sure to make your email content as short as you can.

Suppose you’re writing to someone who isn’t familiar start by introducing yourself briefly and then get straight to the main point. Divide your text into paragraphs, bullets, or lists. Avoid overfilling the message with additional information.

For making it even more exciting, You can also incorporate multimedia elements, such as GIFs images, GIFs, and videos.

  1. Use your layout in order to improve the user experience for your email

Create your layout with your user experience in mind leaving blank spaces or white spaces and placing your visual and written information to make it simple to browse and consume.

  1. Use a responsive design

A responsive design implies that the email format is changed to suit the device it’s viewed on, whether on a laptop, computer, laptop, and mobile.

The recipients will be able to easily read your emails regardless of where or how they’re reading the emails. With a responsive design, it will be possible to improve user experience and increase retention on all devices.

  1. Design the email signature
email template design

A well-designed email signature is another way to give a professional but personal experience with email. Signatures for emails shouldn’t only include your name but must include other important and memorable aspects regarding you, your position, along with contact details and the company.

How Email Templates help us make our lives simpler

A template creator will assist you in a variety of ways. Marketing via email will be simpler since you’ll have a standard template to use if you decide to create your own unique type of mail.

When you’ve created your individual templates, you won’t need to create a new one from starting from scratch or follow what others are using.

Email Templates make your email marketing more effective due to their flexibility and flexibility, as well as their cost-effectiveness and effectiveness.

  1. Versatility

Utilizing pre-designed templates for email which automatically adjust to fit the perfect screen size for various devices that your emails will look stunning and easy to read for every subscriber, no matter how they log into their mailboxes.

This is particularly important given the number of emails that are read through mobile devices.

Our research suggests that over half of all emails were open on mobile devices in 2015. With responsive email templates and templates, you can relax knowing that your email will appear properly on desktops and mobile devices.

  1. Flexibility

Templates are a good starting point for personalization. With many different email templates available, it is possible to come across a template for email customization that can meet your requirements without having to construct one from the beginning.

Templates with customization options differ but are generally adaptable. Imagine it as Legos; you can arrange features to fit your preferences.

Include your logo by using a customized image, as well as changing the color of text and style are only one of the numerous tweaks you can apply to your email template.


Even if you don’t have an enormous marketing budget, however, you’ll want your marketing emails to appear professional and polished. Templates for email marketing allow you to achieve this.

  1. Efficient

The creation of the email templates from scratch could be time-consuming, and, for certain businesses, delaying sending out email marketing messages until the template is completed is not an alternative.

With the help of a template that has been designed, users can make amazing emails in very little time with no programming knowledge needed.

Templates eliminate the hassle of email design due to their solid foundation, which can be completely customized.

There is no need to design elaborate tables or layouts from scratch. Simply drag, drop and then start to distribute messages effectively and with confidence.

Excellent resources for finding templates for email

Stripo [300+ HTML email templates]

Stripo offers access to a vast assortment of amazing gratis HTML emails templates. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge for the drag and drop template creator. You can also play using features such as CSS-animated button and image rollover effects, and many other interactive elements.

Litmus [36 email templates for free Litmus]

Litmus is a different company offering software for testing emails on various types of devices and email service providers. They also provide a variety of free resources that can help you with the marketing of your emails.

BEE [200+ email templates]

BEEFree is an editor for emails that comes with more than 200 professionally created email templates. Select your preferred template and modify it to fit your branding. After that, download a zip file that contains the HTML email that will be sent to your ESP.

Sendinblue [40+ email templates]

When you sign up for a no-cost account on Sendinblue, you have full access to our templates gallery and the tools for editing emails. Choose from 40+ gorgeously created and mobile email templates.

99Designs [45 free email templates that are responsive]

99designs operates an online marketplace for graphic design, which connects businesses to freelance graphic designers.

In addition to their resource collection as part of their resources, the website has a gallery of no-cost email templates available to download on their website.

Some good examples of templates for email

It must at first be user-friendly, even for people who aren’t marketing themselves via email. It isn’t necessary to master how to code or waste time looking at every tiny aspect.

You’ll probably like an interface that is easy to use and is able to use easily, and be confident that you’ll probably not create a mess of it.

Some of the most effective email templates include:

Templates for professional emails: If your company is only beginning to get your feet into marketing via email or internal newsletters, it’s best to stay on the more simple side.

This can give a professional appearance to your email templates and will provide you with the adaptability to numerous scenarios.

Eblast designs: Eblasts are irregular emails that are not linked to a particular campaign. They can be designed to inform customers about the coming changes or to solicit customers to share their thoughts about your products. With their many uses, It’s a good idea to have numerous blast templates stored in your wallet.

Marketing email templates: Marketing emails templates are available in a variety of designs and serve a variety of purposes. But one thing that all marketing emails share is that they must be captivating.

email template marketing

It’s because customers can unsubscribe at any point, and it is essential to keep your subscribers entertained.

Templates for email Marketing Campaigns: Through email it is most effective in the context of a larger marketing strategy. However, this does not mean that there’s only one email template that can be used.

In actual fact, you should think about creating email templates for each kind of campaign you are involved in.

Business email templates: The templates for business email are widely used and are commonly employed both in both external and internal settings.

This covers things such as thought leadership, education policies, and thought leadership.


If you’re a programmer who is looking to code your own HTML email, go for it! People love beautiful emails that make the most of the designer’s skills.

If you prefer to stick with templates, there are plenty of alternatives available to you. Email templates are secure quick, easy to use, cost-effective, and flexible Explore the options for email templates available and get started designing, sending, and analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing emails.

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